Long Hair         $35 and up

Short Hair     $135 and up​

Eyebrow    $15

​long hair           .140 and up

Under Arms       45 and up 

Full Highlights with Base Color         $125 and up

Short Hair          $30 and up

Men’s Haircut 

​​Facial Wax

​​​Cocktail Color Gloss

Kid s          $25and up

Regular Treatment Conditioner

Women’s Haircut 

                  Partial  Highlights with Base Color      $115 and up

                               Short Hair         $40 and up

Short Hair About        $35 and up

short hair           130and up

Short Hair 30 and up

Long Hair past shoulder           $55 and up

*all pricing is subject to change without notice*

      Blow-Dry and Style ONL​Y


           lips           $12

S​hort Hair Partial      90 and up

Short Hair above shoulder        $50and up

Full   Highlights        105 and up

with Olaplex Treatment

Service Menu

     Touch up Color      ​$65 and up

Color Cocorrection

Long Hair     $150 and up


Coloring Touch-Up

                  Men's Hair Color       $60 and up


Hair Stylist professional

Brazilian Blowout

          Men         $30  and up

Long Hair 40 and up

                                  Long  Hair             $45  and up

​​Long Hair past shoulder           $40 and up